13 Jan
Winter Build Competition joinski
Hey all!

As the middle of the winter season is closing in and snow is falling, we thought we would put together a little season-themed Build Competition! The event will take place on our Creative Server and will last until February 2nd.

How to enter:
Create anything you associate with the winter season on your plot on Creative. If this is a filled-out plot or something smaller is up to you.
Fill in this format, so we know where to find your build, (Note that the format will close on February 2nd at 8 pm GMT // 3 pm EST.)

You can edit your submission as many times as you'd like before the deadline.

:1st: £50 Voucher to use on our Store + a Limited Discord role!
:2nd: £25 Voucher to use on our Store!
:3rd:£15 Voucher to use on our Store!

Winners will be announced on this thread a few days after the deadline.

Good luck, everyone!
19 Dec
OPFactions Reset (December 2019) iLemon

Greetings LemonCloud!
Today I'm happy to share details on the next reset of OPFactions! A bunch of new features and bug fixes have been made so once again, get ready to grind and claim the top prizes this season!

Saturday 21st December 2019
3pm EST / 8pm GMT

For your local timezone, please click here!

➤ Reset Details
What you will lose:
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Inventory items
  • Enderchest items
  • Vault items
  • Homes
  • Bases/land
  • Faction data
  • Leaderboard data
What you will keep:
  • Donator Ranks
  • Kits
  • Titles
  • Addons

14 Dec
December Karaoke! sinpot
December Karaoke

Hello LemonCloud! It is time for this months karaoke, which will be hosted at the following time:

Saturday 21st December

As it’s Christmas time, we have made our prizes even better! These prizes can only be won if you try, so be sure to enter for a chance of winning them!

£50 store giftcard
??? role in our Discord server

£25 store giftcard
Talented role in our Discord server

£10 store giftcard
Talented role in our Discord server

Extra Information
Due to it being the festive period, and to make this karaoke even more competitive, we will be giving 5 bonus points to people that sing Christmas songs!

We will be releasing the sign-up form around 6 hours before the start of the karaoke. Please only sign up once, you will not be allowed to sing multiple times! All normal Discord rules apply to the karaoke. I’d also like to state that the ??? and Talented roles are not permanent - you will lose them when the following karaoke is announced...
28 Nov
1v1 Tournament joinski
Hello everyone!

This coming Saturday at 5:30 PM EST // 10:30 PM GMT we will be hosting a 1v1 bracket-styled tournament. Think you have a chance to come out on top or just want to give it a go? Sign up here before 6PM GMT on Saturday.

What's up for grabs?
:1st: £50 Store voucher
:2nd: £30 Store voucher
:3rd: £15 Store voucher

See you on Saturday!
15 Nov
Impending SkyBlock Reset snw

Hi all,

I'm very excited to announce the latest season of SkyBlock here on LemonCloud - this isn't any average season. This time, we've gone all out in terms of content and events in preparation for this season. A full content update schedule has been prepared to keep this season well above the previous. This is a brand new chapter for LemonCloud in terms of content.

This will be the first season we launch with weekly /is top rewards! More information on this will be revealed further down in the thread.

Over the past few weeks, all of my focus has gone in to this reset. That is why I am thrilled to announce that this brand new season will be launching on Saturday 16th November at 9PM GMT (4PM EST).

Click here for a countdown that adapts to your timezone.

All of your progress on our current SkyBlock Water and SkyBlock Fire realms will be wiped. Both of the current seasons will go down tonight at 11PM BST. If you owned a donator rank on either realm, it will be transferred across as per usual to our brand new season on the corresponding realm you originally purchased on it.

What will be wiped:
  • All player...

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