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Hi all,

Apologies it's been a bit quiet on our front, we've been working hard on our latest two resets that should be announced within two weeks. The events team have also been working on plenty of events and the rest of the team are getting ready for the busy month that's heading our way.

LemonCloud's Future
We are now preparing ourselves for the launch of our brand new SkyBlock season, which will be miles ahead of any SkyBlock server we've ever released. Over 150 hours of my time has gone in to this reset thus far, with some key elements still left to finish. There will be a separate announcement on this too, detailing all of our new key features. Our long-awaited OP Factions reset will also be launching within the coming weeks too, with brand new content that hasn't been seen on LemonCloud before.

For the current gamemodes that aren't on our reset radar, we will be providing QoL updates in the next few weeks. This will begin with Survival.

We'll also be launching weekly updates very shortly as we head in to a very interesting time for LemonCloud.

I've now finally set up my co-ordinated dates for suggestions, which means I'll be going through them tomorrow. Be sure to...
16 Sep
Creative 1.14 Update iLemon

Greetings LemonCloud!
Today I'm excited to share some updates we've released to the Creative server this week! We've updated the server so you can enjoy it with all the latest blocks and items. A number of pesky bugs have been fixed too. So let's get right into a changelog!

Full Changelog
  • Updated the server to natively run Minecraft 1.14.4.
  • Added support for 1.8+ clients. This means you can play Creative on any version between 1.8 to latest.
  • Released a newly built spawn.
  • Fixed a bug which teleported players into a death-trap when they died in survival mode.
  • Added a new, updated pets system.
    • Type /pets to open the pets selector menu.
    • All donator ranks can now ride pets or wear them as a hat.
    • Updated ranks to include pets for all the new mobs in 1.14.
  • Updated the store descriptions for all ranks. All ranks now accurately show what perks they receive. Most notably, the descriptions now list what pets each rank has access to.
  • Added the...

Hi everyone,

For a while now, there's been a lot of promise of more community engagement between both management and the players of the server. These ideas haven't always passed through or have been pushed aside and not been focused on. As a management team, we focus on producing quality content for you guys to enjoy while playing, but feedback isn't always collecting and can sometimes go a while before it's heard.

This is something that definitely needs to be sorted out, and we've come up with a good solution.

Community Voice Event
This Sunday, we are hosting the first (in a while, anyway) community voice event. In the duration of this event, you'll be able to directly talk to both myself and @Jesse, and the staff team.

Sunday 28th July @ 8PM BST, 3PM EST, 12PM PST (view your time zone here)

Note: We are happily accepting all feedback and ideas, however, we ask that you keep all conversation respectful to both our staff team and community.

July Karaoke
I feel like we're treating you with all these events at the moment (and there's still plenty more to come...). Thank you to our lovely senior mods...
07 Jul
My Introduction snw

Hi all,

I just wanted to create a short introduction to let you all know who I am, and what my new-found roles are around these parts.

I’m snw, or Ben, and I’ve previously worked on the network. I’m taking on the role of Community Manager to ensure that the community is our main focus. I have a lot of plans to help keep the server on track to do some great things, and now it’s time to put those ideas into action.

I’ll be in-game and around on the forums a lot in the coming days, collecting your suggestions and feedback and formulating them in to making the server the best it can possibly be.

It’s also my goal to work alongside @Jesse in planning server events and keeping you guys engaged. I’ll be hosting a community voice event in the next couple of weeks to keep you all up to speed with where we are at and to gather some of your suggestions!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll respond when I can.


Hi everyone,

What you are seeing above might be familiar to some…

We are taking it back to the OG days, and with this announcement I am very excited to share the official comeback of the OP Prison gamemode on LemonCloud, which we are releasing tomorrow, June 30th, at 2PM EST (7PM BST). There is lots to share about the comeback of this much requested gamemode, so check out below to find out more!

For a countdown which adapts to your own time zone, please click here.

Reset Information
As usual, the progress on the current server will be reset, meaning that your progress and in-game inventory will be lost, in addition to any balances and consumables which you might have. However, if you previously held a rank on the OP Prison server, it will automatically transfer to the one we are releasing tomorrow, and information can be found below about the changes which we are making to ranks servers.

The current OP Prison server will go offline 6 hours before reset to prepare the network for the upcoming release. This will happen on Sunday at 8AM EST / 1PM BST. Once things are back up, the server will be running on version 1.12.2 with combat reverted to the 1.8 mechanics.

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